Cleveland Dance and Performing Arts Center is a competitive dance studio that focuses on building character, technique, confidence, and professionals.

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Young Dancers Program

Ages: 6 & under


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Private Classes

Ages: 7+

-Flexibility + Contortion
-Jumps, Leaps, Turns
-Hip Hop

Our Founder

Nisa Hooper is well known throughout the country as an Educator, Dancer, Choreographer, Television Personality, Former Model and Advocate. She is a Certified Dance Educator with Dance Masters of America. She is an active member of Chapter #33. She has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Lyrical and Extreme Flexibility. 

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When you walk into one of Ms. Nisa's classes at CDPAC you quickly see that it is completely different than anything you might expect. It is these differences that make this place so special, and are why we have chosen this studio. From the youngest to the oldest student they all train together and have the same expectations. Ms. Nisa has an incredibly high standard that she holds her dancers to; both in the studio and in life. 

Danielle - Geneseo, NY 

Nisa is AMAZING! She has the dancer’s best interest at heart. She pushes them to reach their greatest potential and brings in the BEST to also train the dancers!! She REALLY loves her girls! I would recommend her 1000x and wish I had went with my gut and went to her sooner!!!!

Jessyka Finnell - Meigs County, TN 

In just a few months she can do so many things so couldn’t do before. After 1 week she was able to do a cartwheel and a month later she was able to do her splits. This is something she struggled with for several months. Nisa gives each student feedback and keeps things interesting. I have tried a few online classes but nothing beats Nisa Hoopers online classes. She gives each student the same attention as you would in a classroom setting. 

Jessyka Finnell - Meigs County, TN 

My daughter, Sophia, started taking online privates with Nisa Hooper, as well as a couple of her Contortion & Flexibility classes during this pandemic. Sophia also learned since her very first private lesson that there is no place in dance or training for negative self talk. Nisa is a true educator. She cares about the dancer as a person, not only focusing on the dancer’s technique, but also on developing the dancer’s self-confidence by meeting them where they are at, honing their most needed skills, and helping them find their dance voice!   

Mary Deno - New Jersey